How Much Does it Cost to Build MVP App?

14 Dec 2021

Do you want to build an MVP for your app or startup business, but are confused about the cost of an MVP App? Don’t worry as you have reached the right spot. In this post, we’ll try to resolve all of your confusion about MVP App costs. Alsyke is an exceptional custom software development company holding expertise in MVP development for startups and large enterprises. In the current era of digital advancements, MVP development has come up as an amazing opportunity, providing convenience to corporations while giving life to their imaginations. But here the question arises, “what do we actually mean by an MVP?”

What is an MVP?

MVP is an acronym for Minimum Viable Product as it is fundamentally an application or software solution designed with minimalistic features to recognize the end user’s needs and preferences. The product usually holds essential functionality. MVP Development is being performed to gather customer feedback, essential to iterate constantly and ultimately lead towards the achievement of a market-fit product. The goal of MVP development for startups is to reduce the development cost while detecting the viability of the idea. The procedure not only saves time but also employs fewer resources to attain the best product in the competitive marketplace.

Cost to Build an MVP App

After understanding the MVP Development concept, most of us want to know about the cost required to build an MVP app. MVP app development cost usually depends upon the following imperative factors:

1)   The complexity of product features

2)   Product design

3)   Planning of development mode

4)   Production fulfilling User expectations

5)   Time required to build an MVP

Let’s discuss these above-mentioned aspects in detail to understand an MVP app cost.

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1) Complexity of Product Features

The cost of an MVP app development mostly depends upon the type of product an organization wants to create. Every product holds its own set of complexities, which eventually determine an MVP cost. The cheaper the features employed in an MVP development, the less will be its cost and vice versa.  Therefore, it’s imperative to define the features, critical to developing an MVP product.

Prioritization of features also plays a significant role in the determination of an MVP cost as the addition of features also augments the cost required to build an MVP. you can also read this step-by-step guide to completely understand the Process of Building an MVP

To build a cost-efficient product, it’s vital to create a list of essential features considering the user requirements. There are distinct techniques employed to recognize the features and then identify the essential ones, critical for an MVP development.

Prioritization Matrix

The prioritization matrix gives you the opportunity of classifying features according to their importance in an MVP development for startups. This technique saves the stakeholders from disagreements and allows them to focus upon one fulfilling user fundamental practical expectations.

  Urgent Not Urgent
Important 1)      Perform

Essential to create an MVP

2)      Plan

Keep it ready for another iteration

Not Important 3)      Delegate

Contemplate third-party incorporation

4)      Eliminate

Not important for the product development process


MoSCoW Prioritization Method

The MoSCoW method or MoSCoW analysis are some of the most common names of MoSCoW prioritization, it is a well-known prioritization technique that helps users to manage their different requirements. Basically, MoSCoW is an acronym that is grouped into 4 different classes which are must-have, should-have, could-have, and won’t-have. Following are the table of these 4 distinct categories for better understanding:

Must have Should have Could have Won’t have
  • Essential
  •  MVP development is incomplete without these features.
  • Important to deliver within time and budget.
  • Project not feasible without these features.
  • Imperative but not necessary
  • Important to have but the product is functional without these features.
  • Require extra resources to be a part of the minimum viable product (MVP).
  • Needed but less than should-haves.
  • Could be added if the enterprise could afford extra time, resources, and budget for their addiction to an MVP.
  • Having no chance to be a part of an MVP.
  • Not affordable in the current development scenario.
  • Attractive to have but have no significant functionality.


Features Bucket

Classify the features in distinct categories to create a balanced MVP app.

  • Metric movers

Features essential to make a positive impact and achieve the organizational objectives.

  • Customer requests

Features essential to solving customer problems

  • Buyer Delight

Features essential to earn customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty.

  • Strategic

Features essential to meet market trends and get successful in a competitive market.  


2) Product design

 The design of an MVP grips a significant portion of development costs. It is basically the amount required to build features and MVP app cost usually increases with the enhancement of product design. That’s why most of the forums recommend you calculate the MVP development cost at the time of project planning. Initial product development preparation makes every step effortless for the startups going for MVP creation. This also saves them from the fuss of failure while saving cost, time, effort, and resources.

Some platforms consider design more important than product functionality. According to them, features could be improved at any point in time but to attract customers at the first sight, it’s important to hold an attractive user interface. One can make a simple yet eye-catching design to amplify user engagement. To deliver an incredible user experience (UX), keep the interface simple but attractive and logical to expand the user involvement.   

To make the right estimate of an MVP cost and design, let’s have a look at some important characteristics:

  • Design Research

You must gather complete information for an MVP app design. One should hold a comprehensive plan to instruct the designing team regarding the essential features.

  • Wireframe

The wireframe can simply be called the skeleton of a software solution. These can be created utilizing several distinct tools depending upon the product requirements.

  • Prototype Generation

 The prototype is basically a software or application sample created to witness the visual representation of a client’s technical imagination.

  • On-Page Customer Interactions

MVP is not just software, rather it’s a medium of communication between the organization and the customers. Therefore, it’s important to design an interactive layout to gain the user’s interest. 

3) Planning of Development Mode

After the completion of the features prioritization and product designing phase, here comes the time to decide regarding the development technique. What is your preference?

  • Build an in-house team

Building an in-house development team could really be an expensive affair for startups striving to create an MVP at a minimal cost. It reduces the communication gap while turning the entire procedure quite transparent. The major disadvantage of adopting this technique is the high-cost consumption required to manage the quality of software solutions.

  • Hire a software development company

If you want to go for an economical as well as effortless way of creating an MVP, hire a software development company providing incredible MVP development services for startups. Outsourcing your product requirements provides you with a cost-effective as well as a hassle-free path to MVP creation. The entire process progresses upon the aptitudes of developers and trust.

MVP development companies usually hold a tech stack efficiently, understanding the client ideology, ultimately reducing the development cost. The selection of appropriate technological teams is essential for the success of an MVP, supporting the enterprises to be lucrative.

Alsyke, with the collaboration of dedicated developers, is providing superlative MVP development services with minimum utilization of cost and time. Our software hub holds proficiencies from every single department performing outstandingly well to make the startups drive fast towards affluence. Therefore, if you are searching for a software company providing digital solutions at the least development cost, get in touch with Alsyke as we are the ones who know the worth of your technical imaginations.

4) Production fulfilling User expectations

Mostly the MVP development process is divided into various components to achieve a final product fulfilling the user requirements. The MVP app cost varies with the number of features users want to have in a software or application to satisfy their needs and preferences.

The product generated employing the MVP development procedure should also gratify the market inclinations, essential to survive in the contemporary competitive marketplace.

5) Time required to build an MVP

The duration required to build an MVP comes upon the last spot. The greater time an MVP takes to develop, the greater will become an MVP cost. The companies striving to land fast in the market should go for the employment of more manpower as it reduces the development cost and creates MVP in the least possible time. The startups should be very wise while hiring anyone for MVP development services as the right choice could only make their path smooth while achieving the software within the defined budget and time.


Cost of an MVP App

An MVP development costs nothing if you perform the entire procedure by yourself. The statement appears quite attractive but 99% of the startups fail due to the lack of experience and expertise. An MVP app development cost usually varies from $500 to $50,000 depending upon the complexity of the technical idea and other important factors.  

Therefore, stop wasting your time, efforts, cost, and resources over inefficient forums. Get in contact with Alsyke as we are waiting to bless your technological imaginations with an astounding existence. We hold an amazing team performing tirelessly to make your journey graceful towards progression. So, step ahead and employ MVP development services to reduce costs and enhance profits. 

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