UX VS UI Design: What’s the Difference Between them?

07 Feb 2022

Are you searching for the best web designing company providing superlative UI/UX design services? But do you really know the difference between UI and UX design? If not, then you have chosen the right platform as we are here deeply discussing the two disciplines to help you understand and make the right choice for the technical progression of your startup or large enterprise.

Have you ever thought about the importance of UI/UX designing for hi-tech users? Well, an entrepreneur could not even think about setting up his business without any one of these two imperative aspects of a website. The user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) perform amazingly together to satisfy the customer’s requirements.

UI Design VS UX Design

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) hold a very close relationship in website designing but the two are carrying extremely different responsibilities. In simple terms, UI is basically how things look while UX is mainly how things operate.

Let’s start with the basic difference between the two models:

What is UX Design?

UX stands for User Experience and is related to the functionality of a website.

  • Does your website offer an effortless feel?
  • How smooth is your user flow?
  • Does your website fulfill the user’s needs?

User Experience (UX) is essentially all about the emotions of users. To provide an excellent UX design, web development companies should perform comprehensive market research, competitive analysis, and exhaustive testing for the purpose of recognizing the user pain points. A brilliant UX design should satisfy the buyer’s needs with the valuable delivery of their demanded aspects. A perfect UX design should accomplish the organization’s goal of earning competitive advantage, brand recognition, boosted sales, and great capital gains.

UX design builds strong relationships between the enterprise, its offerings, and the worthy customers. It’s an exciting process of development and enhancement of user dealings with the organizational products to meet its digital obligations.

Essential Elements of UX Design

To offer your earnest customers a flawless user experience, your website should hold the following imperative factors:

Thorough User Exploration

An excellent UX design starts with the requirements of the user and ends with the satisfaction of the customer. Therefore, it’s critical for web designing companies to focus upon the intensive exploration of customer requirements, user preferences, their digital necessities, and hi-tech goals to understand the user journey as well as the potential customer behavior. Detailed user survey leads an organization towards the development of an outstanding UX design, essential to driving traffic towards the website for the enrichment of sales and the company’s revenues. 

Organized Web Architecture

The information structure of your website should be very well organized to help the users effortlessly find what they actually want. This eventually promotes effective usability and makes the users complete their tasks in an amazing manner. A great architecture creates an astonishing link between the content and the functionality of a website. Such construction accentuates the arrangement of small sections in an understandable approach for the potential customers. To attain exceptional UX design, web designing companies should aim:

  • Data Structuring
  • Web Platform Labeling
  • Graceful Navigation System
  • Enhanced Search Engine 


UX offering incredible usability should facilitate the users to achieve their goals in an unbelievably graceful manner. To become noticeable, try to keep things simple and approachable. Make the web platform secure to operate eliminating all the impediments limiting smooth interaction of humans and the digital device. This could only be possible when the designer makes efforts to organize the web platform as per the customer preferences. Instead of demanding struggles from the potential user, UX design should proffer an effortless to learn, understand and shop podium.  

Consistent Performance 

The phrase “website is working” is not just enough. To be the market leader based on your stupendous UX design, your website should consistently perform outstandingly well while following the customer’s instructions. User’s dependability on a web platform augments trust and enhances user engagement eventually turning profitable for the enterprises. Considering the aggressive hi-tech progressions, users facing any problem while exploiting your website could put a negative impact on their belief in your product. Therefore, it’s crucial for web designing companies to pay special attention to the imperative element of customer reliability.

What is UI Design?

UI stands for User Interface and is related to the appearance of a website.

  • Is your website attractive for the users?
  • Does it hold interactive factors?
  • Is the design competent enough to boost positive user response?

User Interface (UI) focuses upon the visual aspect of a website. Web development companies holding specialized teams of designers concentrate upon the little details of the website including the color scheme, graphics, font style, font size, images & animations, user forms, buttons, and many other features. To design an astounding UI design, the creators should pay attention to the combination of modern innovative elements and components carrying user’s comfort. Your website’s interface should not confuse your customer, rather it should strengthen your client’s confidence.

A great UI design doesn’t just ensure a delightful display but also confirms a wonderful customer’s experience. UI designing is an astonishing job emphasizing upon the great knowledge of aesthetics and technological expertise. The designers should aim for the invention of a compelling interface to provoke a positive response in the user, eventually augmenting the chances of gaining sales and hefty revenues.

UI designing plays an imperative role in the development of phenomenal brand recognition. It is responsible for the perfect look of your web platform while attracting the target audience in an incredible manner. Once the web designing company gets done with the selection of the right visual aspect, it’s vital for them to outline the superior designing strategy.

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Essential Elements of UI Designing

To turn your product visually striking, your website should hold the following attractive as well as interactive features:


Lucidity is considered the most difficult element of amazing user interface (UI) design. The sole purpose of this important feature is to enable the users to interact smoothly with the web system and the organizational products. A complicated design creating snags for the users can not achieve the rank of an outstanding UI. Your design should hold the least loading time for achieving customer gratification.

Interactive Orientation

To design an interactive interface in the current era of hi-tech developments, it’s significant for the web-designers to keep things simple, easy-to-use, and transparent for prospective users. Words play an important role in making things right, therefore try to include Call to Action buttons. Employ images, icons, and animations that impeccably match the written content. The UI design should operate smoothly over the distinct platforms whether the customer is exploiting a tablet, mobile phone, or laptop. To be an interactive UI design, your website should deliver an instant response over a single user click.


To develop an eye-catching user interface (UI), web designing companies should emphasize the development of innovative features utilizing modern technological tools and techniques. While keeping everything fresh and groundbreaking, they should also pay attention to the ease of customers creating the regular features recognizable and easy. Fulfill the creative expectations of users keeping in mind their utility and comfort. Building something exceptional but not graceful to learn is nothing but a waste of time as well as capital. Therefore, it’s imperative to employ your experience as well as modern-day technological instruments to design unique as well as acquainted user interfaces (UI).


Website carrying an impressive user interface (UI) takes a substantial position in brand recognition. The remarkable web platform not just represents the company but also efficiently presents the organizational products to potential customers. All the functions embedded in your UI design should execute their responsibility competently without taking much time and effort. Offer the UI design that perfectly understands the user requirements and delivers what the user desires to achieve through your wonderful web platform.



A great web platform should be painless to maintain. Websites gripping user interfaces (UI) with an amazing capacity of accepting changes are regarded as the finest in the challenging sphere of technological advancements. An interactive feature should not cause any glitch for the customer while maintaining their stunning level of interest. The addition of functionality should not turn the entire UI design unappealing; rather, the accumulation should enhance the website’s aesthetics.

Difference between UI and UX Design Services

To immaculately distinguish UI and UX design, let’s understand the distinction of UI and UX design services offered by leading web development companies settled all around the globe:

UI Design UX Design
Generate aesthetically satisfying interfaces efficiently representing the brand’s products to put a positive impact on the potential customers and augment capital gains. Provide worthy customers a smooth user experience, helping them achieve their hi-tech goals in quite an effortless manner.
Key Responsibilities
The key responsibilities of a UI designer are to produce the website from the user’s point of view. Take great care of minute details. Focus upon the creation of an interactive design that promotes user engagement. The key responsibilities of a UX designer are to perform market research, create wireframes, and design prototypes to make the website pass through the phases of testing and market validation.
Market Research
UI designers have to pass through an exhaustive phase of market research including:

·   competitive survey to observe the functionality of rival websites.

·   design research to gather data regarding the latest design trends achieving the contemporary website development standards.

To generate an operational hypothesis for the website, UX designers collect data through:

·         Competitive analysis to draw some advantageous data for the web platform.

·         Industry statistics giving information regarding target customers, market inclinations, and user preferences.

·         Field survey performed through the conduction of customer interviews to identify the target market, their pain points, and their technical necessities.

Sample Creation
Mockups are created as full-fledged functional web pages holding attractive color schemes and interactive images. Mockups also take great care of:

·         White space to enhance serviceability.

·         Hierarchy to make the visitors focus upon the effective areas of content.

·         Responsive design to turn the web platform appears pleasing on distinct browsers and digital devices.

·         Animations and graphics to enlighten important sections of the website.

Low fidelity prototypes commonly called as wireframes are generated to corroborate the web platform’s layout, structure, and user journey without getting stuck into the computerized features. This is rough sketching performed on paper to make the right choices for the strategic and creative phases.
Once the website goes live, UI designers are responsible for keeping a closer eye on user traffic analytics. In this scenario, A/B testing is being performed to highlight the stumbling areas of the website.

CTA buttons are employed at distinct points to attract potential customers in the distinct portions of the web platform.

A/B testing keeps on working throughout the life of a website to augment the visual plan and overall feel.


UX designers perform tirelessly to thought-out the features performing outstandingly well for the website. To achieve this purpose, they perform usability testing to collect beneficial customer feedback through interviews, public surveys, feedback forms, and recording sessions.  The entire process is being performed to adjust the web platform as per the user demands and market preferences.

UX designing follows an iterative approach to support the users achieve satisfaction through a smooth web experience.


Responsibilities of Designers:

UX Designer

The responsibility of a UX designer is to understand the user’s journey, identify the target market preferences, conduct customer interviews, and perform testing sessions for the creation of iterations. Let’s have a look at the following tasks clearly describing the UX designer responsibilities:

  • Market Research and Strategic Planning

Create a strategic plan to keep the stakeholders engaged throughout the web designing process while operating towards the shared objectives. UX designing derives the premium problem-solving techniques depending upon the comprehensive market research. The goal of an efficient UX design is to help potential customers effortlessly achieve their digital goals.

  • Prototyping

UX design directly addresses the user’s pain points to fulfill their technical requirements. This is important for the creation of a brilliant customer journey focusing upon the completion of user tasks. Wireframes are the minimum creations developed to understand the functional design of the website. To test the feasibility of wireframes, UX designers perform testing with the real customers to gather useful data for the validation of their digital imaginations.

UI Designer

A UI designer’s job starts when the UX designer completes its work. Wireframes are taken from the UX designer to add visually pleasing and highly optimized features to complete the web designing procedure. To clearly understand the UI designer responsibilities, let’s have a look at the following critical tasks:

  • Website’s Appearance

Market research offers information regarding the customer necessities, competitor’s products, and modern designing trends to develop user interfaces (UI) accomplishing customer satisfaction. UI designers focus upon the development of an appealing user interface holding attractive colors, graphics, animations, font style, and CTA buttons putting a positive impact on the potential customers.

  • Interactive Layout

UI designers are responsible for the smooth tuning of the user interface over the distinct digital platforms. They should also focus upon the addition of animations, graphics, and other charming features to boost the attractiveness of the website. The prototype designed in this case would hold the real feel of the product while passing through the advantageous phase of user testing.

Collaboration of UI Design and UX Design

Considering the above table clearly distinguishing the UI and UX design, you might have thought that they would not cross each other’s path, but this is not the case. The designers could not just work completely alone to generate an attractive platform as well as to offer an incredible user experience. UX designers, UI designers, and web developers have to work in collaboration with each other to produce their finest deliverables at distinct stages of website development. Each member of the development and designing team works on distinct things but their cooperation leads to wonderful website design.

Entrepreneurs wishing to drive their startups on the roads of prosperity should hire web development company to ensure uniformity in the website design and written content. The entire process functions upon the resourceful information gathering feature to learn about the user preferences, competitive market, and industrial standards.

UI designers work on the enhancement of the visual appeal of the website while the UX designers put their best efforts to generate the superlative logical design. UX designers usually hand over their work to the UI designers while the UI designers employ the UX designer work as a base and create mockups to hand over their task to the web developer. All three individuals including UI designer, UX designer, and web developer work on different tools and distinct languages to create one innovative web platform. To create an amazing website, the three experts need to hold a collaborative setup with great communication skills, sorting various issues becoming problematic for astounding website development.

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