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16 Apr 2021

Mobile Development

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For the longest, it was assumed that only large enterprises could afford and harness the benefits of cloud computing services in scaling their business. But from the past few years the cloud adoption by all types of businesses (small, medium and large) has increased to 96 percent.

Today, Amazon Web Service is considered one of the popular options for small and medium companies in starting their cloud journey to scale up their businesses. Because of its super flexibility and a wide variety of services, it has become SMEs go-to for cloud services.

Setting up your business’s cloud journey can be a rollercoaster ride of challenges. Let’s unlock 5 ways how AWS can make it a less daunting experience for you:

1 – Cost-effectiveness & super flexibility

In-house data management for a small/medium business can become a nightmare for you considering the cost required for it. The process of managing data at your own storage location is complex and can cost you dollars. Moverover, the data management process itself is a complicated task that can deviate you from your core business operations. Making you lag behind your business goals.

By setting up your Amazon Web Service cloud storage, you only have to pay for the storage space based on your needs. It offers you super flexibility in scaling up or down your business depending on your requirements and market demands in a cost effective, startup-friendly way.

2 – Eliminates infrastructure expense

Managing your data and applications in-house can make you invest in expensive IT infrastructure, a little too much for SMEs! It’s only better to adopt cloud services and get yourself rid of heavy IT infrastructure expenses.

With AWS you are able to pay only for the services that you actually use. It also takes care of the data management and administrative system expenses. Letting you minimise or totally eliminate the hardware and infrastructure costs and invest in core operations for business growth.

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