A secure healthcare database for individuals and healthcare providers, connected through blockchain.

Development Process

Sprint Cycle of the 2 weeks

Project Description

IOTIED’s HealthChain platform is uniquely positioned to address challenges with patient-centric care. As an enterprise-class blockchain platform, it aggregates individual health data from wearables, connected devices, EHR, hospitals, labs, pharmacies, and point of care organizations and shares the data with ACO’s enabling a solid foundation for remote patient monitoring so that they can.

  • Collect continuous health vital data
  • Aggregate & access EHR, Lab & Pharmacy data
  • Set up an automatic alert to monitor vital parameter exception
  • Collaborate between patient, doctor, and nurse during either home
  • health care process or managing high-risk patients

Tech Stack:

  • Backend: Django 3.2.x
  • Frontend: Swift

Feature Work

Tools & Technologies

Transforming product ideas to digital reality.

IOS Swift


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