NamePress is a robust T-Shirt Design platform that uses AI to enhance the design pattern of printing. It has a highly dynamic and interactive environment.

Development Process

Sprint Cycle of the 2 weeks

Project Description

Meet a new form of AI (Artistic Intelligence), giving you total control over amazing on-demand custom merch. Namepress is the first of its kind to offer the coolest designs and cutting-edge tools to create. Make it your own and launch your very own custom gift shop or merch line. It has a highly dynamic and interactive environment.

  • AI-Powered Design Studio
  • Experience Next-Generation Personalization
  • Instantly Buy and Sell Merch Anywhere
  • A Vast Library of Design Templates and High-Quality Products

Tech Stack:

  • Backend: Django 3.2.x, Node.js
  • Frontend: ReactJS, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
  • Deployment: AWS

Feature Work

Tools & Technologies

Transforming product ideas to digital reality.





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