Ruoom Software

The Ruoom® software platform gives you a control center view for your business and gives you up-to-date metrics on what’s happening for that day.

Development Process

Sprint Cycle of the 2 weeks

Project Description

Ruoom® is created by having everyone in mind. The small business owner, the freelance hustler, and the risk-taking entrepreneur. We want to keep you in the game. Keep you in the room. That’s why we created a simplified business management software, one that’s simple enough to learn without guidance, has a sleek interface, and available at a low-barrier-to-entry, affordable price point. It includes:

  • Design Floor Plans
  • Engage Customers from All Over the Globe
  • Schedule Classes, Services, and Events
  • Manage Staffing
  • Reserve Your Own Space

Tech Stack:

  • Backend: Django 3.2.x
  • Frontend: ReactJS, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
  • Deployment: AWS

Feature Work

Tools & Technologies

Transforming product ideas to digital reality.




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