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SaaS development services cover design, implementation, deployment, and maintenance of multi-tenancy applications.

Why Now Is the Time for SaaS
App Development

$138 billion

SaaS market estimation for 2022


Organizations plan to or already invest in SaaS apps


Faster time-to-market seen by companies who went SaaS

Why Alsyke

  • 10 years in SaaS development.

  • 8 years in DevOps; use of Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) standards.

  • 450+ developers on board; 50% are Leads and Seniors.

  • Business consultants with in-depth knowledge of manufacturing, healthcare, oil & gas, and other industries.

  • Designers who create UX and UI to drive user adoption and subscription renewal rate.

  • PMO experienced in the successful delivery of mid- and large-scale SaaS projects.

  • HQ – McKinney, Texas. Representative offices in the UAE, EU, and Eastern Europe. Offshore development centers in Eastern Europe.

Scope of Our SaaS Development Services

SaaS Consulting

Our consultants transform your SaaS idea into a product concept, draft its development roadmap, estimate TCO & ROI, and provide other project guidance.

SaaS UX and UI design

ScienceSoft conducts UX research for a future SaaS or a UX audit of your existing SaaS and designs responsive UI with intuitive navigation.

SaaS architecture design

ScienceSoft designs multi-tenancy architectures that are easy to scale, can withstand peak loads, and ensure 99.98% availability.

Support and maintenance

We offer L1, L2, and L3 support for your SaaS product as well as its corrective, adaptive, preventive, and perfective maintenance.

SaaS development

Experienced in a wide range of technologies, our SaaS developers produce top-grade code, while our PMO use mature KPIs to ensure engineers’ highest productivity.

Testing and QA

Adhering to ISO 27001 standards and a proprietary Integrated Manual and Automated Testing approach, we ensure data integrity and high test coverage for your SaaS.

SaaS evolution

We help your SaaS cater to the growing audience needs by introducing in-demand features, including video streaming, VoIP, chatbots, AR/VR, AI, analytics.

Cloud migration

ScienceSoft migrates your SaaS to another cloud provider or turns your on-premises app into SaaS by reshaping it for the cloud infrastructure.

API development

ScienceSoft designs, develops, and integrates scalable and reliable APIs in your SaaS to enrich its functionality and simplify workflows.

We Know Your Industry






Oil and Gas



Types of SaaS We Develop




Data analytics


Project Management



Architecture Patterns we apply

Back end

  • Multi-tenancy architecture

  • Cloud-native architecture

  • Serverless architecture

  • Microservices architecture

  • Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS)

  • Event-driven architecture

  • Event sourcing architecture

  • Domain-driven design (DDD)

  • Clean architecture

  • Decoupled architecture / Headless architecture

  • Multi-tier architecture (including traditional 3-layer)

Front end

  • Model-view-controller (MVC)

  • Single-page application (SPA)

  • Model-view-viewModel (MVVM)

  • Progressive web app (PWA)

  • Reactive

  • Micro-frontend architecture

Client Reviews

Choose Your Service Option

SaaS consulting

Rely on ScienceSoft’s business consultants to guide you through any stage of your SaaS implementation project.

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SaaS development outsourcing

Entrust your SaaS development project (or its part) to ScienceSoft’s experienced developers and mature PMs.

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SaaS modernization and support

Get a full revamp of your existing SaaS or request regular support & maintenance services to keep it stable and up-to-date.

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To reduce time to market, Alsyke recommends developing a Minimum Viable Product first. Our team can deliver the MVP in under 4 months and then continue to iteratively evolve it.

SaaS App Development – Q&A

Professional SaaS developers are skilled in designing sustainable multi-tenancy architectures and implementing them with the help of the latest web development technologies. They are also well-versed in PaaS tools offered by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

In addition to meeting all these qualifications, ScienceSoft’s SaaS developers bring to the table their profound knowledge of DevOps practices and expertise in big data, IoT, and other advanced technologies.

Before launching the project, we discuss with you what KPIs should be used in a project (e.g., Cycle Time, Deployment Frequency, Stakeholder Satisfaction) and let you check the progress throughout the project by giving access to our KPI reports.

  • Fixed price – best for small SaaS projects with fixed requirements.

  • T&M – best for medium/large-scale SaaS projects with a priority on flexibility.

  • T&M with a cap – best for medium/large-scale SaaS projects with a priority on cost risk mitigation.

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